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Transparency in the fashion industry

The emissions of the fashion industry and carbon offsetting🏭

Sustainable fashion reads📚

Campaigns and initiatives on sustainable fashion

sustainable fashion definitions 📖

What is wrong with fast fashion

what is wrong with fashion weeks

Who doesn't love fashion weeks? they're fun and exciting especially for someone who is curious to see the latest trends on the runaway.

Do we really need any more sustainable fashion brands?

Sustainable fashion brands are great, giving us the choice to shop more ethically and making us feel better about what we're wearing.

How to successfully sell your clothes online

If you want to make some side cash and get rid of things you no longer wear, selling them is the best option, if they are still valuable and in good conditions.

Why so much clothing is discarded

Shopping culture has shifted towards one where old clothes are simply disposed of and replaced with new ones

All about eco guilt

Eco guilt is that feeling you get when you feel like you're not doing enough to help the planet, it can get very annoying, but it can even be a good thing, it means you really care!

What can be learnt from COVID19

This global pandemic, scary and unprecedented, affects everyone but those in developing countries especially, like most disasters do.

How to stay away from fast fashion

By now you'll know all of the negative impacts of fast fashion, but here comes the hard part, avoiding these shops that seem to be all over the streets and invading your inbox!

Repurposing old clothes

Instead of disposing of your used clothes, when they can no longer be repaired, try these DIY projects!