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I'm Gaia, an Italian 18 year old. Sustainability has become my passion, as I got to know it during my studies, it really inspired me to raise awareness on the problems the world is facing, many of which are caused by our high demand for cheap clothing.

I'm a student at my last year of high school and was an avid shopper, I used to buy a lot of clothes, until I realised the impact my shopping habits had on the planet, I hope this blog can inspire you to become a better consumer instead of buying impulsively like I used to do. I hope you'll learn something and be motivated to change your habits, only this way the fashion industry can really improve, with the vote we cast each time we spend money.

I'm a ambassador for remake our world, a non profit that advocates for a fairer fashion industryI'm also an ambassador for ow fashion season a crowd act where aiming to reach 2,500 people to pledge to buy no new clothes from July to September!

Click here for Remake Our World
Slow Fashion season

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