What is wrong with fast fashion

Fast fashion is all wrong, it's a business model with only one aim: profit making. It creates low cost items, as often as multiple times a week. Many customers (I was one of them) are attracted because they mimic costly luxury fashion trends. Fast fashion's objective is to mass-produce, creating a high demand for clothes who have a very short life span and are unable to be recycled, ending up in landfills. Many clothes are bought on impulse, resulting in 40% of them being rarely or never worn. The fast fashion business model promotes a consumerist attitude.

The psychological effect of shopping are almost like adrug (!)

Shopping is addictive! Even just the thought of shopping can send our brain into pleasantry overdrive, releasing dopamine, but the more you buy the more you need, so you keep buying and that's what fast fashion wants you to do. (don't worry we're all guilty of that, we just need to learn from our mistakes)

Low costs hide environmental degradation and workers exploitation, in developing countries, where production is off-shored because of cheaper and less regulated labour, but also in developed countries many who work in the fashion industry are not paid a living wage. Fast fashion is unethical, it uses child labour, forced labour, and often keep the manufacturers stuck in the poverty trap because of low wages.

Environmentally it's devastating, it uses huge amounts of water and also releases polluted water, full of chemicals (Greenpeace made a report 'toxic threads' on the pollutants from clothes manufacture) which harm marine life and eventually enter the food chain. Micro plastics released from washing clothes are also a threat to marine life, because too small to be filtered out.

Not enough? fashion creates huge amount of waste! all because of our overconsumption

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