If you want to make some side cash and get rid of things you no longer wear, selling them is the best option, if they are still valuable and in good conditions.

How to successfully sell your clothes online

If you want to make some side cash and get rid of things you no longer wear, selling them is the best option, if they are still valuable and in good conditions. Here I'll list 8 tips that will help you! (hopefully) let me know if you try them out!

1. Choose the right platform

for luxury items:

Vestiare collective (worldwide)

Poshmark (US and Canada only)

Therealreal (works in 61 countries - most of the world)

Treadeasy (Australia, Canada, US)

Le Prix (worldwide)  

for other items:

Depop (worldwide)

Etsy (worldwide)

Ebay (worldwide)

ThreadUp (US and Canada)

Facebook marketplace (worldwide)

disclaimer: most of these platforms will take a percentage of your sale price, as a commission.

2.Take good photos

use a good camera to do this or your phone if it has a good resolution. Hang clothes, do a flat lay or model them — there should be photos of the front, back, any detailing (such as fancy pockets, a special printed pattern). Include labels and any marks/tears/damage or alterations you've done to the item.

This video might help to take professional photos.

3.If it is a recent buy, see if you can find an image online

(even if it's not as good as new) people like to see the clothes being worn or what to pair it with, also it grabs their attention.

4.Write a killer description

Describe it in detail. If you’re unsure of what type of sleeve the top you’re selling has, you can really easily research using Google. There are plenty of pictorials describing styles of clothing. Be persuasive, write everything about the item to make it easier for the buyer and to show that you're professional and trustworthy (don't point out only the good things, BE HONEST)

5.Include measurements

Often customers want to know the bust, waist and length of the item, or the size of a bag. Include these with your item description by either writing it out or use on of the Sizely templates. For clothing also state its fit (true to size or not)

6.The right price

Be realistic, considering the quality and the condition. Look at prices of similar items.

If you bought it three years ago and you want to make your money back, unfortunately, this won’t be happening! Try selling it for a quarter of what you paid for. If you have tried to sell it before perhaps try to lower your price.

Ask yourself what you would pay for the item and what’s the lowest price that you would accept for it (consider that in some platforms buyers can make offers - so you can set a higher price at first) and factor in the commission the platform you're using asks for. Also consider the cost of shipping

7.Interact with customers

Customers will ask lots of questions; happily respond. Even if they don’t buy this time, they might the next. If you appear kind and available to them, you'll make a good impression and they might come back. Also, once the sale has gone through, let the customer know you’ve received their payment and thank them.

8.Freshen up your items

Wash or dry clean your items before putting them on the market. Polish hardware on shoes and handbags and buff away any scuff marks. Sell them in the best condition possible, you'll likely to have a positive feedback, avoiding returns and satisfied customers.

Obviously the extent to which you follow these depends on your aims, are you trying to make serious money or just declutter your closet?

hope these were helpful!